Hush (2007), experimental documentary, Found footage, 6 min. Christa, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic tries to escape the trauma of her childhood and break the cycle of addiction that has crippled her and her family.

Divided into One (2005), experimental narrative, Mini DV, 20 min. (NOTE: Each chapter can be screened separately and appears as such on Selected Works DVD) Examines the long spiritual journey of a male-to-female transsexual from young boy to teenage street prostitute and heroin junkie through her sex reassignment surgery and final acceptance of herself and the larger transgender community.

fracture (2004), experimental narrative, Mini DV, 5 min. Explores the artist's process in coming to terms with the suicide of a friend, the failed attempt to create a rock documentary and the eventual surrender to life on life’s terms.

Hands of a Carpenter (2003), experimental documentary, Mini DV, 6 min. Brother Felix is a Trappist monk at the New Melleray Abbey in Eastern Iowa. When not in quiet contemplation, Felix spends much of his day working on affordable simple, yet elegant pine wood coffins.

All I Want is You (2003), experimental, Mini DV, 3 min. Set to a blinding soundtrack of popular music, this video presents a distant, moody and ethereal mother/child relationship.

Holiday, (2001), music video, Mini DV, 6 min. A gothic mansion, masquerade party, a remote fire dancer and sexual tension are the backdrop for the music video “Holiday” by the band Kallisti. The Skin Horse (2000), narrative, Mini DV, 13 min. As the father sinks into a cloud of alcoholism, a mother and wife tries to hold her family together after the funeral of the youngest son. An Insidious Craving for Pleasure (2000), experimental narrative, 16mm, Mini DV, 8min. A visual triptych exploring a young woman’s coming to terms with her sexuality.