Just as each professor challenged and encouraged my creative endeavors, my goal is to establish an academic environment that facilitates the discovery and development of the artistic voice.  Working in partnership with emerging technologies and looking back through a historical perspective, I cultivate a foundation in critical thinking by which each student can develop, defend and sustain a creative body of work. My specific teaching beliefs engage and enact the learning process and I do my best to support every student’s effort toward achieving their academic ambitions.

I believe that a successful student/teacher relationship is achieved through direct and honest communication. It is my objective to approach each student with an open mind and clear instruction in order to convey the design of the curriculum, the student’s responsibilities and to express appropriate and timely feedback. Through focused lectures, one-on-one advisement and workshop critiques, students will be challenged to articulate and defend their creative decisions. Of equal importance is my intention to listen to the student’s specific needs, recognize their cognitive development and assist in the execution of their creative and scholastic aspirations.

In my experience, a student’s grasp of film and video technologies fall evenly across a broad spectrum. Some students enter with a strong, developed vocabulary of film criticism and technical proficiency. While many others have never picked up a camera before and are taking their first film or video course. My objective is to make informed decisions about the content, resources and methods of teaching that will best serve all of my students. In many instances, filmmaking becomes a collaborative process. I encourage those who have the skill set to create advanced work, to share their knowledge and experience with their peers.

Everyday I bear witness to the enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity of a new generation of filmmakers. The dedication and hard work of the students encourages me to become a more creative instructor. Each class and every student, reminds me of my mentors and their resolute willingness to pass on their knowledge and expertise. My goal is to transmit my own passion and knowledge for filmmaking into an effective and enjoyable method that will inspire each student’s artistic pursuits.